Welcome to Mr. Griffin's Web World! In this site you'll find information on GW Web classes, UCD classes, and a quick Web Design course for Teachers. I hope you are able to use this material to learn all about the World Wide Web!

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  • 2006 CCE Spring course Spanish Survey

::: Mr. Griffin's Top Web Tips

  • Design for 800 x 600, especially for your first page. (No scrolling if possible.)
  • Center ONLY when everything else fails.
  • Do not mix alignments.
  • Title your pages. (No “untitled” documents please.)
  • Watch your link colors. Dark colors do not compliment each other well.
  • When naming files do not use spaces, capital letters, or more than one period in a file name.
  • Always create a new folder for a new project.
  • Transfer your files and always check to make sure it works.

When I'm teaching...

  1. When I say it is time to move on, it is time to move on. Do NOT worry about getting it perfect.
  2. When I'm teaching it is not the time to get it perfect.
  3. If you don't want to follow the class instruction, it is okay, but do not expect help.
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"Splash Pages are a curse on the Web and should be eliminated in almost all circumstances" - Jakob Nielsen (the world's leading expert on Web usability)

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